Friday, August 14, 2015

Day 2137 - Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere if you look ...

Today I thought I'd pass the blog over to you.  

I want to know, who or what is inspiring you this week?

I spend a lot of time motivating and creating energy in others.  That's what I do as a success consultant.  I tweak mindset, give people an energy injection and together we create a plan for positive forward movement.

This week I am personally running on adrenaline.

My energy is starting to feel like a "surviving" energy rather than a "thriving" or "driving" energy.

I think because I am deep in the process of getting this event off the ground on Sunday while still trying to run my businesses and keep my family happy.  My energy is starting to come from stress and fear rather than from a place of inspiration.

So rather than fight it, I figured I'd just go with it until I get the job done.

For now.

Then I remembered that inspiration doesn't have to come from within. It is everywhere if you look.

Since I'm not feeling particularly inspired today, I thought I might throw the blog over to you so that I can feed off your energy.

Who or what is inspiring you this week?


  1. Nuthin' & no one....I did just finish a book so that feels good (reading, not writing). I'm labouring over tax (so there's no inspiration there) and we have family parties all weekend - so not a lot to get excited about there...Man, I'm a downer at the moment - better get that second cup of coffee

  2. Not much is inspiring me at the moment but I have some reading planned for a blog post that will be- I love reading about medical research- it shows me how far we humans have come and how much we have achieved!

  3. I've been struggling of late - behind in everything and just feeling a constant sense of overwhelm. Although I know I have to prioritise my paid work (what little of it there is) I've been missing my blogging and book reviewing (which I kinda view as a job also). I've also missed the connections I usually get with others online.

    So, no inspiration... just one foot in front of the other for me at the moment.

  4. We have deadlines that are inspiring us to get this house packed up as quickly as we can :) Knock down in 3 weeks!

  5. The Humans of New York FB page constantly inspires me. Not just the stories he portrays but the loving, supportive comments. Always makes me want to do better in my own little corner of the world.


I love hearing your thoughts! Keep them rolling in :)

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