Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 2139 - ACT Regional Cheerleading Competition

Cheerleaders cheering for charity

Canberra’s cheerleaders have been training hard in preparation for today's community-run cheerleading competition.

High-flying tosses, pyramids, dance and tumbling will be on display, with male and female athletes aged from the Tiny Under 6 division, through to parents’ teams.

The competition attracts not only ACT-based teams, but also teams from Goulburn and Wagga, with over 500 athletes expected.

This year athletes have an exciting opportunity to qualify for Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation (AASCF) Nationals, held in Melbourne, as well as the new AASCF ‘Pinnacle’ competition, open only to Australia’s elite cheer and dance teams.

Money raised at today's ACT Regional Cheerleading Competition goes back into skilling ACT-based cheerleaders and a large portion also goes to charity.

Last year, $4700 was donated to Ronald McDonald House on behalf of the local cheerleading community, and it is expected to at least match that amount this year.

Michelle McCormack, Executive Officer at Ronald Mcdonald House Canberra says the contribution from the cheerleading community is greatly appreciated.

“The funds raised through this event over the last couple of years has helped us provide a home away from home for families of seriously ill children. It has helped us cover costs to take financial pressure off families,” she says.

The ACT Regional Cheerleading Competition is in its fourth year and is run by a committee representing all competition cheerleading squads in the ACT region.

Children’s book author Leanne Shea Langdown, of the Cheer Chick Charlie series, volunteers her time to manage the event.

"Cheerleading as a sport is quite different to what people are used to seeing on the sidelines of a football game. Australians often have negative feelings about sideline dance because it can be quite sexy and not necessarily appropriate for all ages. The sport of cheerleading is quite a different display of athleticism, agility, strength and acrobatics of high skill and high energy,” Leanne says.

Spectators are welcome to attend the competition, which will run from 8.00am to 5.30pm. Entry is $10 payable at the door (under 16's entry by gold coin).


Yes, I cheated today and just copied and pasted the press release for today's event. I know, I know. Lazy. But hey, in my defence I have to be at the venue by 6.15am and won't be home until 7.30pm.  So it's lucky I'm writing a post at all! 

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