Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 2143 - The Canvas Factory Product Review

Would you like to put your family on your wall?

I was recently approached by The Canvas Factory to check out their fantastic canvas prints.  I was delighted to get my favourite Mothers' Day photo turned into a piece of art to hang above my desk.

The cool thing about this print is that I was able to turn it to black and white, plus it was created off a simple phone selfie that was originally taken for social media purposes.

Fancy having social media photos turned successfully into large canvas prints!

The Canvas Factory are an Australian owned company dedicated to offering quality prints at affordable prices.

The company was created because they felt there was a gap in the marketplace for high quality affordable photo to canvas printing.  There are a bunch of big companies out there who offer the service, but they don't necessarily offer the one-on-one support that the Canvas Factory pride themselves in.

The thing about the Canvas Factory is they carefully review each digital image before it is sent to print to ensure the final print looks fabulous.  So there is little chance of your print arriving with a head cut off or with low resolution issues.

To get ready for this post, I asked them what they thought set them apart from other photo service providers:

  • Dedicated photo printers - specialists in what they do
  • Range of products and materials - from canvas to acrylic glass and brushed aluminium, as well as collages and splits.
  • Customer service and support - every single photo is checked before printing and staff are available 24/7 via their LiveChat service, social pages and website
  • Their online "create a canvas" app makes it easy and intuitive to create the print of your dreams whether it's a single print, a collage or a photo split over a number of canvasses.
  • They have low prices every day (in addition to regular promotions).

So if you're looking for a great Fathers' Day idea or a Christmas gift, or perhaps you just want to spruce up your home, then check out The Canvas Factory.  

Note: To keep their costs low they do send their work to China for printing (which is becoming fairly common in the industry) so you will need to leave yourself up to ten days for delivery (I received mine in seven).

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