Saturday, August 22, 2015

Day 2145 - Big Boys Toys Expo Canberra

It's time to tap into your inner bloke and head to Exhibition Park in Canberra.

This morning I grabbed my two boys (the one I married and the one I gave birth to) and headed to EPIC to check out the Big Boys Toys Expo.

What we found was the ultimate boys playground filled with toys, knick-knacks, engines, gizmos, gadgets, tools, games and hobbies which could all  be washed down with a big batch of boutique beer.

Big Boys Toys is put on by my mate Steve and his crew (who are also the brains behind the Toy and Game Expo in Sydney).  

What struck me when we arrived was that at opening time on the first day of the first year of this event, the lines were long and the energy was electric. There were families everywhere! 

Why so busy? It could have been the promise of a warmer than usual almost-spring day, or it could just be that there are a lot of big boys out there. 

So what is Big Boys Toys?

It's an interactive event where you get to see, touch and generally experience everything from cars, motorbikes, jet skis, boats and caravans, to motorised skateboards, pinball machines, remote control helicopters and even something called a "shredder" (which is some sort of weird cross between a Segway and a Caterpillar).  

There is sports stuff, gym equipment, vintage cars, fishing gear, scuba equipment and a flight simulator.

Hell, there's even a state pinball tournament AND an enormous Nerf arena.

No manly event would be viable without food and they've covered all the big boy bases with burgers, hot dogs, pizza, red bull and beer.  

Hidden in among all the testosterone is a lovely little booth selling handmade jewellery to keep the WAGS happy.  

Even without the token jewellery stand, its not just fun for the boys.  Chicks like me also get a kick out of the big engines and groovy gadgets.  I was particularly taken with a $100,000 caravan with all the bells and whistles proving I may just be able to try this camping glamping thing everyone keeps raving about.

Anyway, if you're in Canberra this weekend be sure to go and check it out! 

With around 80 exhibitors over 10,000 square metres and a lovely big sports lounge right in the middle of it all, there's something for everyone.

It costs $15 per adult to get in and a gold coin donation for kids under the age of 15.

The event supports Menslink Canberra.

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