Friday, August 28, 2015

Day 2151 - Getting ready for spring

Who's ready to break out some skin?

After being covered from toe to neck for the last three months I'm hesitant to see what's going on under all those clothes.

I imagine it's pretty white, scaly and hairy under there.  I'm also feeling particularly squidgy around the stomach zone and the tuck-shop arms may be re-emerging.

Perhaps it's time to pay some attention to the skin I'm in.

Here's what I'm doing right now in preparation for spring:

  • Exfoliating.  You'll recall I'm not much into exfoliating but I know I should be.  So for the past two weeks I've been exfoliating like an exfoliating fiend.  I've still got that Kerstin Florian in the shower which is doing great things to scrub off the winter skin crust.  
  • Exercise:  I have had spits and spurts all winter long with the exercise.  There have been weeks where Tahlia and I have snubbed our nose at the fog, frost and pre-dawn dark and walked like a boss around our 5km local lake, despite the below zero temps.  But there have also been weeks where we've preferred to stay nestled in the comfort of the heated home at walking hour.  As of today tomorrow next week we'll be getting our spring bodies ready for some exercise action. 
  • Toning:  This week I have taken to doing some quick and easy hand weights and toning exercises every morning.  Just 10-15 reps of arm curls, lifts, dips, lunges, squats, sit-ups and leg raises.  It is literally taking me less that five minutes but I'm hoping the daily repetition will tone up the winter squidgy bits.
  • Toes:  My poor old feet have been enclosed in boots for around 90 days straight without a glimmer of daylight. My toenails have been naked of colour except for the flaked remnants of a two month old Sally Hansen Kook-A-Mango pedi.  Today my feet get a treat of some serious foot care and my toes will go gold to match my fingers.  Who knows when a sandal worthy day might be just around the corner.
  • Fruit:  After loading up on carbs for much of winter I am feeling the extra layers.  I feel the need to shed some of the excess "warmth" in time for spring so my focus right now is on eating tonnes of fruit and getting reacquainted with my Ninja, while cutting down on some of the bread, pasta and potatoes that have been camping out in my kitchen. 
  • Face:  As yesterday's post hints I am paying particular attention to the blemishes and spots that age can bring.  The Canberra cold can be harsh on the face and hands so I'm doing all I can to care for the most exposed skin.  Our faces are, after all, our personal business card.
  • House: Who's ready for a spring clean?  It's definitely time to go through the clothes, shoes, bags, gadgets and other excess "stuff" floating around my dusty home.  It's also time for some serious scrubbing.  
  • Hair:  I've renewed the colour and I've pulled out the curling iron to give my mop a bit of a party.  It's time to not only put a spring in my step but get some spring in my hair again too.  And while we're speaking of hair, I spent considerable time in the shower two days again dehairing the rest of my body.  Mohair stockings are not the best look for spring.

While Canberra is still as cold as all buggery right now there are blossom buds on the trees which suggests Spring is just around the corner.

I'm not going to get caught short! 

The first hint of a Spring day and I'm gonna be out there in the white 3/4 jeans, sandals and tee.

Who's ready to break out some skin? 


  1. Oh yes! I've maintained my feet over winter but I totally need to work from the bottom up... starting with the deforestation of my legs! Exercise and toning is right up there on my list of priorities, I've totally dropped the ball this winter. Bring on spring, that's what I say!

  2. I desperately need a pedi. Spring is an excellent reason to bust out the polish!

  3. I'm certainly not!! I look all winder flabby and my skin's a wreck! But still looking forward to it none the less!

  4. Yep, I need to do ALL of these things too! I can start with the exfoliating, time to dig out the cocoa butter sugar scrub from the bottom of my bathroom drawer!

  5. Oh my skin... mine looks awful at the moment. I had a zit breakout, just two, but they're not shifting at all! I am pale, flaky and wrinkly thanks to a freezing winter. Can't wait for some warmer weather to make me healthier.

  6. For some reason I just can't bring myself to put moisturiser on my body. No aversion or anything... just a laziness thing! So my skin is really dry and already peeling. I'd love to have an exfoliation (though haven't allowed myself to go near a beautician since finishing FT work - and having a salary - 3yrs ago!). I've got some scrub somewhere so should get it out.

    PS. the skin on my face is very red and blotchy so I probably need to do something about it as well!

  7. You have a busy time I am a couple of steps ahead of you Leanne but only because I went to Bali and needed to get all these thing sin order first - waxing (forgot how much that hurt after my winter rest), feet, toes, tan - now I am summer ready but have to cover up in this weather. #FYBF

  8. Thanks for the gentle and inspiring reminder, Leanne. I'm one part excited and another a bit daunted about how much winter hibernation has gotten the better of me this year.

    But onwards and upwards!

    SSG xxx

    PS - didn't get a chance to comment the other day on Tahlia's video on your post. She's looking amazing!


  9. I know my legs need a good shave, and possibly some tanning lotion ;) (Not really. I'm ok with them being paler.)
    I'm actually enjoying my toes being polish free. I think I might leave them like that for a while.

  10. I broke out some skin today! Went for a quick run in my running tank top and loved the sunshine on my arms! I can't wait to pull out my sandals from the back of my shoe wardrobe too!


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