Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 2154 - The power of gratitude

Gratitude leads to a healthy heart.
It makes sense that being grateful for what you have in life leads to a more loving and fulfilled heart space.

But did you know that gratitude is also linked to greater cardio vascular health?  It can create a better heart ... literally.

According to Redbook Magazine September 2015, a recent study found that heart patients who described themselves as thankful slept better and had lower levels of the inflammation that fuels cardiac disease.

Gratitude helps us to better appreciate the world around us which in turn makes us feel more connected and at peace.  In turn we tend to take better care of ourselves due to the gratitude we feel about our lives. This has the flow on affect of creating better mental and physical strength.

All of these things help with good heart health!

Ways to practise daily gratitude include:

  • Keeping a gratitude journal
  • Have a gratitude box or jar at home where everyone puts notes of gratitude/thanks which you can read over dinner one night a week. 
  • Incorporating thankful terms and emoticons as you check off your to-do lists (the simplest is the smiley face)
  • Write a thank you note, text or email to one person a day for something they have done that's made your day better
  • Say thank you more often to the people around you that you often take for granted (spouse, coffee shop lady, cleaner at work, security guard, bus driver, mail man.)
  • Use grateful terminology in your self talk
  • Return the gratitude by paying it forward.
  • Instead of focusing on the one bad thing in your life, recognise the 1000 good things.
  • Stop, take stock, look around and appreciate what this world has to offer.

How grateful are you?

How do you express your thanks?

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