Sunday, September 6, 2015

Day 2160 - Happy Fathers Day

It's all about the experiences.

When it comes to my memories of being a child I honestly remember more about the things we did, than the things we had.

As an extended family unit the Husb and like to get my folks and his family together as much as possible for meals and little experiences.

Today was no different with our nephew and his wife organising an extended family bowling session followed by a all-hands-on-deck BBQ for Fathers Day.

Instead of giving gifts this year (to add to everyone's 'stuff') I decided to give experiences.

For Derek's dad we bought him a dinner voucher to one of his favourite restaurants, for my dad we've given him a voucher for a family pitch and putt day, and for Derek we're doing a fully Dendy Premium Lounge experience (at a date in the future) with the food and drinks included.

It's hard to fully explain what being a parent is. It's not a tangible thing; it's an experience.

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads and the dads at heart.

I hope you get to enjoy the experiences ...

A little peek into our Fathers Day

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