Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 2161 - Sleepy + Weepy = Sweepy

Do you ever get sweepy?

It's when you're so damn tired you can't function and the slightest thing reduces you to tears.  Kinda like being five years old again.

That's me.

If I don't get my eight hours a night then I am miserable.  No resilience whatsoever.

It turns out it's not just a weirdly immature Leanne-ism but in fact an actual grown-up adult thing that has a scientific base.

According to Matthew Feldner, coauthor of the book Sleep and Affect, there's more activity in the area of your brain that generates emotion when you're sleep deprived, which means your ability to control your feelings becomes impaired.

So get some sleep! Or some water-proof mascara ...

Information Source: Redbook Magazine September 2015

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