Saturday, September 12, 2015

Day 2166 - Direct Target Marketing

When it comes to my brand, it's up to me to sell it.

As a brand developer, a creator, an innovator, inventor, business owner ... or even as an author ... it's up to the individual to sit in the driver's seat if they want success.

Sure you can have agents, managers, mentors and coaches, but to truly get the results you're looking for, you've got to take control of the wheel and drive the bus.

As you know I've now got a distributor to help take my books around Australia and New Zealand.  The distributor is really cool and I'm very happy.  They have sales reps that make contact with bookshops to promote all the new books on their lists.

But is that enough?

As an author, nobody knows my books like I do.

As the publisher it's up to me to promote the books that I publish.

So while my distributor is off doing fabulous distributor things with my books, I'm off doing fabulous publisher and author things.

Every book shop in Australia and New Zealand is hearing from Charlie over the next few weeks. Electronically, via mail and by phone.

I'm in the driver's seat and I'm ready for a national tour! 

Look out Australia ... here comes Charlie! 

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