Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day 2173 - Year Ten Social

The formal you have, when you're not having a formal.

The morning after year 10 formal - discarded accessories
It has always astounded me how much people "invest" in their formals.  The clothes, the cars, the hair and the make-up.  

Last night my daughter had her year 10 formal.  The school wisely referred to it as a "social" rather than give it a formal title to take away some of the aura that's attached to such festivities.  

They also held it on a Friday night with a rule that if you don't go to school that day or leave school early (for hair, make-up etc) you won't be allowed into the social come night time.

I know that sounds extreme but I have to be honest - I applaud that decision.  The reason being it gives the chance to better focus on the "social" aspects of it and give the event perspective.  

While it should totally be an event to remember (I still remember mine) and it's a great opportunity to get dressed up, the memories can be focussed more on the the friendships, camaraderie and fun, rather than who arrived in what car wearing which designer.

Last night a group of gorgeous teen girls and their handsome dates got to get dressed up in affordable gear with "home-made" hair and a natural glow to attend a school social event to celebrate the first part of their high school years.  

I was chuffed that T wanted to get ready at home with me as the hairdresser, nail technician and photographer.  

I was also chuffed that the trusty KIA Carnival (aka the Fun Bus) was happily used to transport a bunch of teens in favour of a limo or suped-up car. 

The Husb and I hosted an "after party" at our house for our girl and her nearest and dearest friends.  Not a big bash, but more of a post-social wind-down.  Music, food, chatter, laughter and a few games of cards.  

The whole event was really really lovely.

Not too big. Not too small. Just right. (Thank you Goldilocks.)

Now, I can't promise the year 12 festivities will be as low key.  And I may change my tune about cars and dresses and hosting after-parties by then.  But for now I am just celebrating the relative simplicity of this one. 


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