Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day 2176 - A box full of Charlie

How cool is this gift box?

I needed to make a special "top secret" delivery today so was delighted when Rebecca from the Party Hive in the ACT came up with this idea.

The Cheer Chick Charlie books, along with framed motivational postcard, wristbands, miniature pom poms and a stack if mini balloons.

All were beautifully presented in an enormous box with MASSIVE bow that was big enough to fit a toddler inside.

Ok, maybe not a toddler, but definitely a puppy.

I loved it!

The Party Hive can be found online and does deliveries within the ACT 6 days a week.  For all things party, festivity and balloons galore, be sure to give them a call on 6262 2655.

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