Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Day 2176 - Doing business on the road

The key to the travelling office is to be prepared.

The view from the Merrett Playground in North Sydney
(zoomed on my phone - apologies for dodgy quality)
Today I'm back on the road doing Mumager things.  We're coming to Sydney every week or so at the moment which means a full day away from the home office.

Being on the road doesn't mean I have to shut up shop for the day.  The key is to be prepared.

First things first, I need to ensure my laptop and phone are both fully charged (and I take my charger with me). It's only a day trip but I don't want to get stuck with zero battery power.

Setting up the office on the balcony at my daughter's photo shoot.
I tend to save my scheduled phone calls for days when I am either in the car or sitting around twiddling my thumbs.  Mumager duties are perfect for client phone follow ups.  Don't forget to take your hands free ear piece!

I have a more methodical to-do list when I'm travelling.  The menial copy and paste emails, video editing, book editing or basic business planning.  Nothing that requires too much creativity or intellect as I can be easily distracted by what's going on around me.

I'll always have my business cards as you never know who you might meet or what new networks you can create. Today, for example, I met a fellow Mumager who just happens to run an online health and wellness magazine AND her daughter is a cheerleader! Linkages galore ...

I make it a point to pack my lunch and snacks. It's very easy to load on the kilos when you're always on the road.  I tend to pack a basic salad, fruit, vege chips and water.  Don't forget your insulated lunchbox and an ice-block because good food does strange things in hot cars.

When we're on the road I always keep an hour up my sleeve. Call me anal but it's not a good look for a model to be late. So instead of panicking due to toilet stops, roadworks or crazy Sydney traffic, we arrive at our destination early and find the nearest park to stretch, relax and get our head in the game.

The route is always planned in advance (even with the Tom Tom in action).  This is essential for me as my bladder is as small as a pinkie toe so I'm always making toilet stops.  Knowing where the public toilets and the McCafe's are is extremely important! (Note: Choose a busy McDonald's so nobody notices you're only in there for their lavatory).

Don't forget to take a camera and a sense of adventure. New experiences await with every trip.  It's an awesome way to see how others live and work.  Tapping into other people's passions is extremely inspirational!

Not a bad view for a day at work!
A secluded spot outside the Wondekiah apartment complex in Waverton, North Sydney

If it was any warmer I would have taken a dip!
A lovely old industrial building that is now being used to house an indoor swimming pool. Cool! 

A view from above.
Who knew such amazing leafy green places existed in Australia's biggest city. 
Watching my daughter do her thing while I sit on the balcony doing my thing.

Taking business on the road doesn't have to be stressful. 

It can be quite productive and energising when you plan for it.

Happy travelling! 


  1. Oh North Sydney is gorgeous- and look at your daughter- even in that shot, she's really got the model vibe!

    1. I am finding new pockets of Sydney with every trip. I am loving the exploration. Yeah, she's got the vibe ...

  2. You seem to have it all so organised. I can feel the calmness in your writing too. I wish I was this organised, especially leaving early.

    1. Luckily my daughter is of the same "leaving early" mindset. No battle! Phew ...

  3. I can never remember my business cards! Such a failed blogger these days! That place looks loovley too!

    1. I used to always forget my cards. Now I have them permanently planted in all my handbags.

  4. You are so organaised and calm. I'm always arriving just a 5 secs or less on time.

  5. You are certainly very organised, I can see how that would bring calm to your trips.

    1. Gotta be. Some how got to combine my business with Tahlia's. Otherwise it would be stress city!


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