Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day 2177 - The Reed Gift Fair

Sometimes I dream of a make-over.

Yesterday a friend and I headed to Sydney for the Reed Gift Fair.  The Gift Fair is where suppliers get the opportunity to show off their products to retailers in the hope that shops will want to stock their wares.

The reason we headed up there was (as suppliers) to see if we might set up a booth ourselves next year.  Plus of course we wanted to network and make contacts. Me for my Cheer Chick Charlie books and merchandise, and my friend for her label.

It was a great day out and definitely worth our while.

I have to admit that I got a little side-tracked with all of the glorious home wares.

The coastal colours had me in and all I could do was dream of having a house in Noosa with a white, sand and crystal blue/green water vibe.

I'd better get cracking and get Charlie into retailers across the globe then.  Then I can spend all my hard earned money on somebody else's product line ...

But seriously, how cool is this stuff?

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  1. Beautiful homewares! I dream of a makeover here at home but I need to win Lotto first! ;-)

  2. Oh my gosh, so much beautiful stuff. I don't blame you for being distracted! Sometimes I used to look at my place and wish I could scrap the lot and start again. Perhaps now that I'm semi homeless I can, but maybe just one room at a time!

    1. Yeah, I am thinking I might just overhaul one room. That might be enough to make it feel "fresher"

  3. Gorgeous stuff. I would definitely do more homewares shopping if it wasn't so expensive! Also only renting at the moment, so I'd be nice to wait till we had our own place.

    1. Yeah ... sometimes KMart and Fantastic Furniture are a girls best friend when it comes to the money side

  4. Oh my Lord that place would have been dangerous for me to be at - homeware heaven! Yep I would have had zero self control ;) xx

  5. I am loving those blues and greens. So many nice pieces to choose from.


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