Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day 2186 - The Boathouse Shelly Beach

A yummy beach side hide-away.

The boathouse at Shelly Beach (Manly)
During our stay in Manly we've done a couple of coastal walks at dawn.  The ones that rejuvenate the soul as the sun rises over the horizon.

On our walk around North Head* we came across The Boathouse Shelly Beach restaurant.  A gorgeous little building set in a "rain forest" on a somewhat secluded little beach.

The beach is visible from Manly as you look towards North Head.  It is surrounded by houses up on the cliff, but the restaurant itself stands alone at the edge of the sand.

We headed back to Shelly Beach yesterday morning to not only feed the soul, but feed the belly as well.

A mouth watering menu greeted us along with a rain forest meets beach atmosphere and beautiful seaside decor.

The view from the outdoor eating area.

Plenty of places to sit - indoors our outdoors; tables, bar tables or lounges.

Caters for large groups or small groups
The menu had me at "Breakfast"

I love the different furniture throughout the place.

Whether indoors our outdoors, you get that real seaside vibe.
Lovely lights, plants and fruit everywhere.

Fun tin bucket lamps hanging from the trees

A rainforest garden with a boardwalk and a waterfall
A bunch of different teas to choose from that arrive in lovely (and heavy) cast iron teapots

Great meals to choose from including this French Toast Croissant with ricotta, caramel, pear and berries

Bircher muesli like you've never tasted it before.

Even the bathrooms are a must see.

Lovely wood panel fish art adorns the walls

You can eat in or order your tea, coffee or juices to go.

Love, love, LOVE! I would honestly come back to Manly just so I can eat here again.

If you're in the area, be sure to check it out.

For more information you can check out their website.

*When I say we walked around North Head, I use the term "walked around" loosely.  We did a small chunk of it and were delighted to come across the gun pits and control stations and other "100 year old" kinda stuff.  It was a trek too! Definitely an adventure in itself.

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