Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 2190 - My days in an instasnip

On this Wordless Wednesday I give you Instagram.

The last few days - back home and into health, fitness, work, mum duties and blogging.

Nothing sums up my last few weeks like good ol' Instagram.  But of course Instagram lies. It's a "I'm only showing you the best bits" kinda deal.

To be honest we've had some challenges in the last week or so.  I'll tell you about them one of these days soon, but for now I give you the nice glossy pictorial summary of our life.


This is the "we're in Manly on a posh holiday" version of Instagram

The "it's Leanne's birthday week so we're heading to the south coast" version of Instagram.
Plus a quick trip to Sydney for Mumager duties thrown in.

I love Instagram for its inspiration, beauty, connections and it's "tiled" perfection.  It's like walking through a photographer's gallery and peeking into the lives of others.

But as lovely as it it, it never truly shows the full picture.

It's a good reminder that we never really know what's happening in the world of others.  Only the bits they let us see.


  1. Leanne

    Lovely photos. Was just thinking the same kind of thoughts re Instagram and its filter on our real lives.

    Admire your strength, optimism and poise. These sound like very difficult and stressful times for your family.

    My thoughts are with you all.

    SSG xxx

    1. Thanks SSG. So lovely to have your support. Hope you guys are well! I am enjoying your Instagram :)

  2. Agree, Instagram rarely has the gnarly stuff that goes on in life. When life is bad, I know I don't think to whip the phone out. You know I bought some Pantene a few days ago, for the first time in YEARS. All your photos look so relaxed. Looks like you've had a great few weeks x

    1. It was a lovely couple of weeks by the beach. I could get used to the beach lifestyle. And yes, Pantene is making a comeback!


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