Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 2191 - Wearing a dress as a shirt

Welcome to the Deep Fried Style File.

When it comes to styling I got lazy in winter because I really didn't deter too much from my jeans and jacket uniform.

There's nothing like a new season to revitalise the thrill of getting dressed of a morning!

Now, you will recall that I can't fit into my white jeans at the moment which has prompted a whole new health and fitness plan.

It has also prompted a whole new approach to my wardrobe.

The jeans are too tight and if I can actually do them up, the muffin top appears.  Let's not even talk about the hail damage that the white highlights on my arse.

As luck would have it that hail damage is travelling south and has overtaken my thighs.  Whether you're carrying a lot of weight or not, this whole Deep Fried middle-aged journey can create interesting squidgy effects on the skin.  Which means all those lovely shorter sun dresses I have in my wardrobe won't be seen until I can get a handle on this fitness and toning caper.

Or will they?

If my jeans are too tight at the top to show off my bum, and if my dresses are too short to show off my legs, perhaps I can combine the two for a somewhat stylish approach to spring.

So here it is. The post about wearing a dress as a shirt.

This is the outfit that started it all.  We were on holidays at the coast and the jeans thing was a real issue ... especially the not being able to do up the button bit.  So I threw my Target nautical style linen dress on over the top to cover up the "discrepancy".

Target boyfriend 3/4 jeans, Target nautical dress, Sash & Belle handbag from SS15 range, old dirty sandles.

That then lead to me teaming this fun shirt dress (that I normally only save for the beach and pool side holidays) with my cream suit pants that are very snug at the top and have a huge stain on the hip.

Dress bought at a Noosa boutique, stained old Events Collection pants, Sash & Belle SS15 collection bag, a bunch of bangles and beads, KMart shoes.

This is me looking all awkward and posey with my hands in my pockets.  Didn't quite work :P
Off to a client.

 Which brings me to today and the idea of wearing my standard every day dress pants with yet another sun dress (which you may have seen in recent posts) because when I'm on a roll, I might as well stick with it!

Another dress from a Noosa boutique, with basic Target black pants and high heeled sandals bought from Big W around five years ago!

Heading off to life coaching client and a corporate coaching round table. Sorted!

So there you have it.  I'm not sure if it's in fashion or not but that's the Deep Fried style file for this week month season.

I wonder how many other dresses I can wear as shirts.

Do you ever wear dresses with pants?


  1. I do this all the time! It's the only reason I even own leggings haha!

    1. I may well be the only woman in the world who doesn't own leggings. Hmm. They sound a bit more comfortable than my unfortunately small white jeans ...

  2. I buy online so some dresses are just butt trimming (skimming) so I wear them as shirts over leggings rather send them back....

    1. Yes! I have a friend who says her dresses are always too short. So this whole pants with dresses thing is going to be a new approach for her to manage all those previously useless purchases.

  3. Yup I love wearing tunic dresses with leggins.. oh so comfy!! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Another legging lover! I just don't own any. Clearly I'm behind the times ...

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Janet! Feeling good too now that I can hide my winter sins.

  5. You're showing your arms! It's still far too cold for that carry on in NZ :) Looking good!

    1. Ah yes, Canberra went from ridiculously cold to hot in a week! We're still trying to adjust.

  6. It's certainly working for you!

    1. Thanks Nicole. I might stick with it for as long as the weather will let me. Won't be long and the heat will have me ditching the pants and diving for a maxi ...

  7. They look like really comfy outfits. I've sort of got one outfit like that but already it's feeling a bit too hot to wear it!

  8. Great outfits, Leanne! Love those Big W high heeled sandals. I'm not fitting into my white jeans at the moment. They're buried way in the back of my cupboard...


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