Friday, October 16, 2015

Day 2192 - Cheer Chick Charlie in book stores around Australia


I got a phone call last week from a local bookshop who needed to restock their Charlie supplies.  I had been stocking them directly but during the phone call I gently referred them to my distributor for all future restocks.

They came back to me within ten minutes advising that my distributor was out of stock.


As an author can I just say that those three words are the most beautiful words to hear.  "I love you" has nothing on "out of stock".   Seriously.

I will never forget when the first bookshop I ever supplied to called me to say they were out of stock. I was thrilled!

It may have only been 20 books, but if having 20 books sitting next to Roald Dahl, Jeff Kinney and Andy Griffiths on a bookstore shelf wasn't mind blowing enough already, to have those 20 books become "out of stock" was absolutely amazing.  An author defining moment.

You'll also recall my "I can't find my books on the shelves so they must have hated them so much they decided not to display them" moment in Noosa. Which turned out to be another OUT OF STOCK scenario.  Tears of relief.

Finding a distributor was a huge deal. Another author defining moment. Someone willing to take Charlie on board and market them to bookstores and gift shops across Australia and New Zealand. Someone who believes in the books as much as I do.

To have that distributor OUT OF STOCK after only a month is a dream come true.

So today I got in the cheer van fun bus soccer wagon book bus and (around the edge of Tahlia's modelling commitments in Sydney) I delivered another load of Charlie to be distributed Australia-wide.

I wish I could say it was a truck load. I wish I could say we are now considered best sellers.  We're not quite there yet.  But we did have a KIA Carnival boot full and I am incredibly happy with that.


It's music to my ears.  

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