Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 2193 - Being the Mumager #RedBullRequired

Another week, another trip to Sydney.

It's a seven hour round trip when we have to head to the Big Smoke.  And that's just the hours spent driving. It's worth it though to help someone's dreams come true.

Now that our girl is on the Women's Board at her modelling agency, she's getting more and more casting calls, more and more runway opportunities and more and more photography gigs.

Clearly she's still at school so we have to find the balance between completing her studies as the best student she can be and taking the opportunities that will help pave her chosen career.

Regarding school there are lots of round table discussions with teachers.  There is extra effort put in at home to ensure assessments are completed in advance.  There is a mother harping on about doing study in the car as we drive.

Within all this travelling, I've also got to find a balance between running my business, managing the house, being a mother to my other child and being a wife while helping my daughter move forward.

We've said no to two casting calls recently.  We've said yes to two others as well.  Every week something pops up where a decision has to be made.

We have to be strategic.

Yesterday was another round trip to Sydney.  A very worthwhile round trip.  A clever strategic choice. We'll be doing it again on Monday.

Right now this Sydney driving is becoming a weekly thing.  Whether I'm doing it wearing my Mumager hat, or doing it wearing my author hat, or doing it wearing my business owner hat ... I'm doing it a lot and I'm doing it to help achieve dreams.

Another week, another trip to Sydney.

Making dreams happen.




  1. Sounds like you need a bolt hole in Sydney. In many ways it's a good problem to have. You girl is beautiful.

    1. I dream of a little two bedroom apartment in Sydney. Lotto!

  2. You should add another Job Title to the list "Dream Enabler." That's a lot of hours on the road and quite the juggling act but it will totally be worth it in the end. In the meantime, good luck with lotto and here's to a weekend house Sydney side!


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