Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 2197 - Little Bay in Sydney

How's this for a view?

I love that our regular Sydney trips often take us to new and scenic places.

We had another Sydney run on Monday for a photo shoot at Little Bay in the Botany area.

We had no idea where the GPS was taking us but it didn't feel particularly picturesque as we drove past Port Botany with all it's "Transformer" looking structures and it's Lego like piles of shipping containers.

Driving past Long Bay maximum security prison was also a little daunting as it sat there in among the houses, apartments and high school with all its watch towers, unscalable walls and the knowledge that some of Australia's most dangerous criminals were trapped inside (right there in suburbia).

As we approached Little Bay the sky suddenly opened up and we were surrounded by the ever-green of The Coast Golf Club and the mix of heritage buildings and brand spanking new apartment complexes.

After sweet talking our way into the Golf Club to use their toilets we were able to sit in a nearby park and eat our lunch while we got our bearings.  It wasn't obvious how to get to the beach which we assumed was where the photo shoot would take place (it was a swimwear shoot after all).

So we sat in the street on the cliff above and waited for the clothing designer to come and guide us.

She took us to a some-what hidden set of stairs that we wouldn't have found on our own and led us to the beauty that is Little Bay.

Need I say more?

I can't show any behind the scenes shots of the photo shoot yet because the designs are yet to be released.  Pictures will be available on Tahlia's website after the big reveal on the catwalk next week. 


  1. What a beautiful spot! Sydney has some hidden gems - that is for sure! :-)

    1. I never knew how many until I was forced to go find them

  2. What a gorgeous spot! I love little bays like this, beautiful water and little places to explore x

    1. Me too Alicia. I love that about the NSW South Coast too.

  3. Gorgeous, I had no idea that was even there!


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