Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 2199 - The Pencil Skirt

Feeling fiercely elegant!

Is it possible to feel fierce and elegant at the same time?

Pencil skirts make me feel fierce and elegant and empowered.

I recently bought a couple of pencil skirts to add to the wardrobe.  I'm on the hunt for a third to wear on Melbourne Cup day.

I am loving how they pull all my bits and pieces together for a slimmed down look.  It could be because I've purposely bought them a size too small so they give me that shape-wear feeling of having all the jiggly bits contained.  This trick only works if the skirt is made out of nice firm fabric that doesn't show the hail damage.  And if it's made well so it doesn't bust at the seams.

For some reason they also make me feel tall.  Feeling tall makes me feel fierce. And elegant. And empowered.

This skirt bought from Target.
The pencil skirt is a classic addition to the wardrobe.  It's well known for its figure-hugging fit and can be worn with court heels for that classic look, stilettos for some va-va-va voom, or sneakers/flats for a more preppy feel.

I also own this skirt, also from Target.
This baby is currently on sale for $20 from their Runway to Rack range.
Find it here
The name "pencil skirt" comes because of the long slim line of the skirt.  The hem falls to or just below the knee. Strictly speaking I suppose neither of my skirts are actually pencil skirts because they have a split.  Whatevs.  It sure feels like a pencil skirt to me.

So if you can stand the thought of your legs being bound together for some serious thigh rubbing then get yourself a pencil skirt.

They're fiercely elegant! 

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  1. I love your new skirts, Leanne!!!! Look fantastic on you.

    SSG xxx


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