Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day 2200 - Good Shepherd Cheerleading attending Scholastic Nationals

Today is a very big day.

Can you believe that Good Shepherd Cheerleading is now in its EIGHTH year?!

It's also our SIXTH year of attending an Australian National Championship.  WOW.

No wonder I am feeling incredibly old.  We've been doing this thing for a bloody long time.

This year was the first year I did not coach a team.  A choice I had to make for my family and for my business.

But that does not make today's Australian All Star Scholastic National Championship any less of a deal for me.  I still cry every time a Good Shepherd team takes to the competition floor because it's something my daughter and I created.

Tahlia's dream has extended way beyond her and has touched so many other children.  Over a hundred children participate in this sport at Good Shepherd every year.

Today is going to be hard for me.  It'll be hard because at the end of this year I will be handing the squad to someone else.  I'll be walking away.  This may well be my final Nationals.

The tears are stinging my eyes already ...

Good luck Good Shepherd Cheerleading!

No matter what the result, you're already winners to me. 

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