Sunday, October 25, 2015

Day 2201 - National Grand Champions

Ever heard of a cheer hangover?

It's where the cheerleaders, coaches, parents and competition organisers all collapse the day after a competition due to the high and the lead up of the day before.

Well, I didn't coach this year but I still have a cheer hangover.

I drove home from Sydney last night and was still buzzing when I walked in the door.

It could well have been the Red Bull I bought on the way home which does crazy things to my psyche given I don't have caffeine or stimulants in my diet as a rule.  Although all these round trips to Sydney are starting to significantly increase my Red Bull intake.  I'd better watch that ...

But I digress.

I drove home from Sydney last night and was still buzzing when I walked in the door.

Buzzing because that little cheerleading program I started back in 2008 is still going strong with so many wonderful coaches, assistants, managers and kids involved.

Buzzing because my mate Belinda has pretty much taken over the running of it this year and it continues to thrive under her direction.

Buzzing because Coach Andrea and her crew gained amazing results at competition.

Buzzing because the kids had a ball and all brought their A game with them.

Buzzing because the parents were all wonderful and supportive and excited and grateful.

Buzzing because I got to hang out at what might well be my final Nationals.

And buzzing because Good Shepherd not only got amazing results and nailed every single one of their routines, but because they were crowned the NATIONAL GRAND CHAMPIONS FOR PRIMARY SCHOOL CHEER!!

National Grand Champions.

How's that for an accolade?

Pretty damn good.

I'm off to feed my cheer hangover and then take off my cheer hat and put on my soccer mum helmet.  

Happy Sunday! 

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