Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 2202 - Living the Mumager Life

Today I give you the hotel office.

A very dusty laptop on my little desk in the centre of Sydney.
Room service!

It's not a bad office.

Nice little desk.  Lovely neat room.  Quiet.  Decent  wifi.  Right in the heart of Sydney. Walking distance to great eateries. There is chai nearby, You know. The important stuff.

It's not the corner office though with the harbour views.

Today's view.  Not exactly breathtaking. But it's somewhat appealing in its own shabby way.
I've got the dingy office near the cupboard overlooking the back lane.

But it'll do.

While I'm sitting here writing a proposal, catching up on client notes, answering emails and forwarding orders* to the Hubster remotely, the model is off doing model things like fittings, catwalk rehearsal and getting ready for tomorrow night's fashion show.

I'm happy here in my hotel office.

It's definitely a step up from the one I often use in the front seat of my car.

Happy Monday!

Hope you've got the corner office with the view. 

*Orders as in sending out Cheer Chick Charlie sales.  Not the "barking orders at him" variety, Although now that I think about it ... I have called him with "gentle suggestions" twice already today.


  1. The upside of our constant connection...many years ago I had paper office and pay phones in the car!!

  2. Yep, a definite improvement from your car. Being close to good food and good chai is a definite bonus.

  3. Car offices are terrible - I'm hopeless when it comes to those. But I'd take a quiet day to catch up on stuff - especially if it was close to good food and good coffee. Hope you get lots done xx

  4. The best part about sydney is that there is decent coffee almost everywhere! Much better than the car office :)

  5. Excellent timing! I acutally do have a corner office with great views as I fill in for a colleague on leave for a few weeks! It will be so hard for me to get work done if I see storms rolling in, I'll just want to stare at the pretty clouds.

  6. Ahh the life of a Mumager! Your daughter is lucky to have your support!

  7. Definitely better than a car office. I think it doesn't matter where you are as long as you're comfortable. At the moment my office is in my bedroom and I have my desk in the corner. It's not ideal as I spend all day in there. When I made my seachange I downsized and only have 2 bedrooms. Mine is the larger so makes more sense to have the desk here, plus it overlooks the ocean.

    There's a little built-in desk in the open plan living space of my apartment but it felt a bit like I was working in the kitchen so I didn't use that for long after moving!

  8. Definitely a step up from the car!

  9. That's one thing I don't like about my office at home - no view. We are so close to our neighbours that we put frosted tint on the window so they can't stare at me all day if I have the blinds open :-( .


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