Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 2204 - Memory Food

Give your memory a boost - go green!

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As we age so does our brain.

A great way to age positively is to eat one or two servings of green vegetables each day.  A study at Rush University in Chicago showed that people who did this had the mind of a person 11 years younger.

Martha Clare Morris, director of nutrition at Rush (as quoted in Redbook Magazine November 2015) says "green leafy veggies are rich in nutrients like vitamin K, lutein and folate, which help slow memory loss and maintain quick thinking."

So if you want to stay bright and alert as you age, get those salad bowls ready and plug in your magic juicing whizzers to ensure you're getting as many leafy vegetables in your diet as possible!


  1. I just saw this when I came looking for the comp ...I just started a juicing reboot - I'll be sneaking in as many as I can for the family too.
    I love my juicer but it has been neglected of late due to laziness and busyness.

  2. PS REboot Joe - Fat sick and nearly dead fame (and affiliate links galore) got me started. He has some great juice recipes and today I juiced sweet potato and asparagus - never tried that before.


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