Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day 2207 - Saturday

What does Saturday look like for you?

A walk along the boardwalk on the Kingston Foreshore
For us it's about recovering from the week that was, combined with getting stuff done.

Dad's away at his annual boys weekend, so the kid and I are just cruising about on our own.

I'm still recovering from a two day migraine which means I have that post-migraine hangover.  It's just like a normal hangover except you don't get the fun of the night before.  It includes a brain that feels like it's banging about a too-empty-head, slight nausea, dry mouth, impaired vision and a weird fatigue that makes you wonder just how much energy lying about in pain actually consumes.

The kids are recovering from their busy week of school and activities.  Tahlia's lethargy comes from her Sydney modelling commitments, plus getting assessments done and attending classes. Darby's tiredness comes from learning challenges that require double the energy of other kids, school and soccer training/try-outs four nights a week.

Yeah, it's a crazy time of year.

So this morning we just decided to cruise.

It started with a wander around the "oh so hip and happening" Kingston Foreshore before heading to Darby's hair appointment in the "Man Cave" at Scissor and Roc.

Which super dude haircut will he have today? Perhaps the Slickback? Or maybe the Scumbag Boogie. 

From there we cruised into Civic where I finally found my Melbourne Cup Day skirt from Zara.  I've tried on clothes at Zara so many times and NEVER found anything I liked.  But today I came home with a skirt and a dress for the total sum of $109.00. Sooo happy!

Our fabulously successful shopping haul. 

Tahlia is also a bit excited because she picked herself up the winter coat she's had her eye on which means she's now New York ready.  I won't show it off here though. Don't want to steal her thunder. Although there is a sneaky peek at it in the left corner of the photo above.  

Darby is also happy because he found the coat he wants to buy (also from Zara) the moment we hit 5th Avenue in six weeks time.

We are all very happy shoppers!

While we were out we had a wander through Target to start scoping out a fresher look for our lounge room. I haven't bought anything, but I am loving the look of the sandy colours with a touch of teal/turquoise.

Just starting the scoping phase for a new look lounge room

Then it was time to head home for some lunch and reruns on TV.  This is where I spend time contemplating my naval (or in this case my toenails).

All painted and ready for Melbourne Cup Day next week

Of course Saturday isn't only about the good stuff.  There's still washing to be done, bathrooms to clean and a whole shit-load of work to do that went by the wayside due to Sydney travel and migraine.

Trying to sort through the piles of to-dos
Right now we're getting the kids Halloween costumes sorted.  They both have parties to go to and this year we've managed to get them ready without spending a cent.  It's stuff that was already in the cupboard. That my friends is a big win right there.

I will not be embracing Halloween. I'll be all alone in my house without a shred of candy in sight.  No point knocking on my door unless you're kids are happy with grapes. Oh hang on, I've eaten all the grapes ...

And that pretty much sums up our Saturday.

Three cheers for the weekend!


  1. It is so weird reading about your Saturday when we have just started ours here on the other side of the world! Sounds like you have been busy bees. Getting all togged out with new clothes is the best!
    Happy Halloween!

  2. A lovely day, Leanne and so well deserved after your epic migraine. I can't imagine how dreadful a migraine feels that goes on and on like that. x

    1. It's been a long time since I've had these kind of migraines. I'm glad they're few and far between these days. Killer.

  3. Oh I feel for you and all the migraine sufferers. You did well to get out an about and shopping, but sometimes thats just the therapy we need,away from those 4 wall.Zoe xx


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