Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 2216 - The best time to work out

Wakey, wakey ... 

I'm an early bird.  You know that already.

One reason I get up at 5.00am is to blog, get through my emails and start my work day.

Another reason I get up before the birds is to get my exercise out of the way.

When I confess to setting my alarm for 5.00am people look at me a little perplexed.  You can almost see "is she insane?" printed on their eyeballs.

It turns out I'm not crazy.  According to Good Health Magazine Australia (November 2015), research shows that exercising first thing will give us more energy and willpower for the rest of the day.

Who doesn't need more energy and willpower?

"Early exercisers are more likely to stave off cravings for fatty, sugary food, have greater brainpower and are more likely to stick to an exercise plan in the long term."

They're all great reasons for exercising as the sun rises.  For me it's simply about getting it done. If I don't do it immediately I'll get caught up in my day and exercise will slide further and further down the priority list.

Plus it's a bloody good feeling to see the sun rise and realise you really are seizing the day.

So grab your sneakers and let's go for a walk.

You'll thank me later.

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