Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day 2218 - Breakfast at the Pullman

Who feels like a buffet breakfast?

Yes please!

Last week for the AC/DC concert Derek and I stayed at the Pullman Hyde Park Hotel in Sydney.  A great hotel in a gorgeous location with views of the beautifully green Hyde Park.

The best part about the hotel? The breakfast!

Because we are Accor members we get to eat any meal at an Accor hotel for half price. Which made this buffet breakfast all the more appealing. Only $17 each!

I have one word to say.  BACON.

Oh, and one more word.  CREPES.

Oh yeah, and then there's the words MAPLE SYRUP.

One final word ... YUM!

Heaven on a plate

Oh crispy bacon, how much I love you!

What topping would you like with your crepe or waffle?
Yes, there's even whipped cream and caramel sauce. 

Foods to appeal to any palate

Fruit? Of course there's fruit.


Condiments for toast

Yes I had seconds ... and thirds ... possibly fourths.

It's an apple tree!

Are you hungry yet?

How much do you love a buffet breakfast?


  1. How cool is that apple tree. It wouldn't last five minutes in my house. My daughter loves her apples.

  2. That sure looks like a great breakfast spread! I find that I always eat too much at these!

    1. It's easy to overeat, that's for sure! I learned to start small and then progress. PLUS I usually do it as a brunch so it replaces both breakfast and lunch. I don't have to eat again until dinner! Well, that's the theory.

  3. I love buffets - I like getting to choose exactly what goes on my plate. I know they are apparently uncool these days but I love them!

  4. What an awesome buffet! It all looks so good. Yes, you've made me hungry!

    1. I'm making myself hungry just by coming onto this page to respond to comments. Bacon ... bacon ... glorious bacon.


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