Saturday, November 14, 2015

Day 2221 - When the Socceroos came to town

Have you ever met a legend?

Now I'm not much into soccer and I wouldn't know a Socceroo from a kangaroo, from a wallaroo or from a cockataoo, but I do know the name Tim Cahill and I know that for an 11 year old soccer nut, it would be a dream come true to meet him.

On Thursday night Pop took our soccer mad man to watch the Soceroos play something-or-other-astan.  I think it was Tajikistan?

They joined the 19,000+ crowd of yellow to see Australian win 3-0.

The rest of us watched it on Foxtel at home for the sole purpose of trying to find them in the crowd.

The next day we heard that the Socceroos would be at Woden Plaza. So after much contemplation we decided to take our boy out of school early to join the crowds gathered to get a glimpse of the Aussie sports stars.

I use the term "we" loosely. I actually had a meeting, so Derek took some time out of his work day to stand in line for two hours.

They were very lucky to have made it through the queue before the 3.30pm which is when the Socceroos had to leave for a flight.  There were many disappointed fans who missed out.

The bottom line is that our boy got  to meet his hero and get a whole bunch of signatures in the process.

Thank you Socceroos for taking the time to meet your fans.

I actually don't recall ever meeting a legend.  Not someone that I personally consider legendary anyway.

I mean, I met "Naughty by Nature" in a bar last week, but while they might be quite famous and have a huge following, they're not necessarily legends in my mind.

I did walk past Michael Caine on Rodeo Drive once and he smiled at me. Does that count?

Oh, and I saw The Uncanny X Men at McDonalds in Goulburn when I was a teenager but I didn't approach them.

I was at a 21st birthday party with Hugh Jackman long before he was famous.  It meant nothing to me at the time though.

Many of the Hubsters basketball buddies are considered legendary here in the ACT, but I guess they've been around for so long that I don't see them that way anymore.

So no, I don't think I've ever met a "legend".

Have you?

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