Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Day 2225 - A day in the life of a Mumager

So this is a diary, so I figured I'd give you a diary page today ...

The day in the life of a Mumager:

4.50am Up and at 'em
5.50am Depart for Sydney
7.30am Hit the outskirts of the Big Smoke
7.35am Hit peak hour
7.55am Find my inner zen as I realise I've only travelled 10km in 20 minutes
8.15am Keep focussing on my zen as we crawl at snail's pace
8.30am Think about disaster movies involving underground tunnels as I sit under the suburbs surrounded by trucks
9.00am  Rejoice in seeing daylight
9.15am  Arrive in Ultimo and find a $25 a day carpark (bonus!)
9.30am  Discover we're way too early so take a walk through ABC Head Office
9.35am  Grab a chai
9.45am Take Tahlia to her modelling gig and watch her join 20 other models as they await their instructions
9.46am  Get shafted by Tahlia (mums are sooooooo last year)
9.47am  Sit under a nearby tree to "edit my book" and scope to ensure model daughter is safe
9.48am  Actually start editing my book
9.49am  Take a picture of the editing of the book
9.50am  Take a selfie
9.51am  Go back to editing my book.
10.20am Get bored with life under a tree and head towards Pitt Street Mall
10.25am Text and walk to ensure model daughter is doing Ok,  She's made a new friend! Yay.
10.45am  Curse myself for thinking Pitt Street Mall was closer
10.46am  Curse myself for wearing very impractical but oh so fancy sandals
10.47am Curse myself for not owning a Jawbone or Fitbit to measure how far I'm walking
10.48am Declare that this is a 5km walk and counts as today's exercise
11.00am  Finally arrive at clothing Mecca - H&M
11.01am  Text model daughter to brag that I am at clothing Mecca.
11.22am  Starting trying on clothes.
11.40am  Leave empty handed but plot my return in two days time.
11.42am  Continue to curse impractical but oh so fancy sandals as I head to World Square for lunch with a friend
12.00pm  Eat almost healthy burger as I talk about fabulous things like impractical but oh so fancy sandals with my friend.
12.45pm  Say goodbye to friend but continue to sit and edit my book
1.30pm  Walk back to Ultimo in 35 degree heat thinking that while my hat might look good on a hot day, it gives really bad sweaty hat hair.
1.40pm  Duck inside a bookshop to escape the heat and discover that my books are on the shelves!
1.41pm  Take a photo for Instagram because if I don't post it, it doesn't exist.
1.45pm  Head straight to car park to switch impractical but oh so fancy sandals for rubber thongs. Grab my laptop
1.55pm  Return to ABC Head Office where lovely air conditioning, black leather lounges and a mobile phone charging station awaits.
2.00pm  Pretend to look all official like I'm meant to be there as I sit and type this blog post. Try to hide that I am wearing very unofficial rubber thongs.
2.30pm Upload the photos of my day so I can say this post is a not-very-wordless Wednesday post.
2.35pm Think that a Red Bull might be required for the long drive home.
2.36pm Notice that lots of people are looking at me thinking that perhaps this person with sweaty hat head and rubber thongs maybe shouldn't be here.
2.37pm  Close my laptop and casually walk out the door.








  1. Are we allowed to ask what the gig is at the ABC?

    How many kms from Sydney to Cba? I didn't ever do the drive when I lived in the ACT.

    1. Modelling gig is the Sydney TAFE Fashion Design School. Preparing for Runway 2015 next week. Just across the road from ABC. ABC soooo much more appealing and comfortable than TAFE corridor. I think around 360km from Syd to Canberra? We drove in from Goulburn this morning, but will drive the full distance home this arvo.

    2. Actually around 280km. I may have over exaggerated a bit there!

  2. On my what a full day you had.
    Congratulations on your books - tops spot next to diary of A Whimpy kid.

  3. What a lovely day!! I need to get myself into the CBD soonish.

    SSG xx

  4. How on earth do you do it all? There's a book in that I reckon! Love the books on shelves x


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