Thursday, November 19, 2015

Day 2226 - Cheer Chick Charlie the 2nd Edition

Today I am confessing to being a dodgy writer.

As an author, when your book is ready for a reprint, there's lots to celebrate.  With less than 100 copies left for distribution I'm madly trying to get Cheer Chick Charlie: The Journey Begins ready for its second edition print run.

One might think this is an easy task right?  You just say "Oi Mr Printer, can you run me off another 2000 of those please".  

Alas, that is not the case for my favourite cheerleader.  For me, that second edition print run means the opportunity to finally get the book ship-shape and to a point that I can be proud of it again.

I cringe as I type this and I am taking lots of deep breaths as I make this admission.  Much like Charlie Sheen confessing to having HIV, I too have been carrying a heavy burden.  

My first Cheer Chick Charlie book is imperfect. 

In fact, the first edition of the first book is so imperfect I can safely say it's VERY imperfect.  

From a writer's point of view it could well be classed as a "heap of shit".

There. I said it.   

Look, when I say "it's a heap of shit", of course it's not quite that bad.  There are just a few little things I'd like to improve on in the second print run.

So if your child has the book, or if it's in your book shop, DON'T PANIC! It's not a complete disaster. It's still a great story.  I'm just looking forward to fixing up a couple of bits. 

How did I let this happen?  Of course I have an editor and copywriters and all that.  I just didn't utilise them properly.  Purely because of a lack of focus.

In the lead up to my book launch I was not concentrating enough on being an author and a publisher, but more on being a business owner.  I was so busy coordinating the new website, getting trademarks, creating the You Tube channel, filming Cheer Chick videos, organising character animation, getting the product line together and finalising grants that the books took a back seat. Throw in the fact that the week before my launch I was on the bloggy trip of a lifetime to Disneyland and I can safely say I had scattered energy.

Excuses. All of them. 

To be a self published author you can't have excuses. You can't rely on others to get your book in printable condition.  The buck stops with you.  Finalising that book was/is 100% my responsibility. 

I published a dodgy book. 

Now that I've shouted that from the roof tops it's time to move on! 

I have grown as a writer, as an author and as a publisher since that first book.  

I am now swallowing my guilt and embarrassment to get the second reprint done in time for Christmas. 

The first 2000 copies may not win any writing awards, but they have somehow managed to win the hearts of a bunch of children.  So with that as motivation I look forward to getting a new improved Cheer Chick Charlie: The Journey Begins on the shelves very soon!

As for the rest of the books in the series, they're a hell of a lot better! At least until they're due for their second editions. 

Thanks for listening.

It sure feels good to get that off your chest hey Charlie Sheen? 



  1. I'm actually horrified for Charloe that his medical privacy was under threat. He waa under no obligation to out himself to anyone but his partners (which i hope he did). The rest of us have no right or need to know.
    Good luck with the second run!!

  2. You have a well-loved book out there in the world. You're a winner in my eyes! Good on you for tidying it up, though. Chookas for getting it all done and reprinted by Christmas. x

  3. Wow! 2nd edition - well done you...that's great (I didn't think you were allowed to alter between reprints??)

  4. How awesome that you get the chance to fix it up though!

  5. Good on you for writing a book in the first place, congrats on the second print run and huzzah for second chances!

  6. I am sure your book was quite fine! We're our own critics which is an unfortunate fact of life. Good on you for a second go anyway. All the best with it all.

  7. Love your honesty but we are our worst critic. You have so many fans and I think they all would disagree with you.

  8. I'm planning on getting a copy of the whole set for my daughters. Let me know when the 2nd edition is ready to go (although I'm sure the first edition isn't anywhere near as bad as you think it is!)

  9. I think this happens :) What is a bit crappier is when you buy a traditionally published book and find typos in it...

  10. You wrote a book! That's amazing in itself. But I bet most published writers would go back and change things if they could. It seems like a normal thing to me - less a sign that the first edition was shit and more that you've improved as a writer and hindsight is always 20/20!

  11. It's so hard wearing so many hats to give 100% to everything. I think you are doing an amazing job. Love your honestly here.

  12. Congrats on the book! Congrats on the reprint! How exciting - I am sure it must have been pretty good to be needing a second edition. Be proud :-)

  13. It's exciting that you're doing a reprint! Dream come true really. And getting to improve on what you had before, even better.


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