Friday, November 20, 2015

Day 2227 - Chasing the air conditioning

How hot can a Friday get?

It was hot hot DAMN HOT in Sydneyville today.  It was around 41 degrees and I was hanging out trying to fill in time while the daughter did those modelling things again.

As it was another day trip I had no air conditioned hotel room to cool me down. Instead I spent as much time as possible in the comfort of my air conditioned car.

Killing three birds with one stone (poor birdies) I drove to the northern beaches to drop off more books to my distributor, meet a friend for lunch and get as much car time as possible.

Seriously, who chooses to sit in Sydney traffic all day?  Apparently I do.

It wasn't all traffic jams and petrol fumes though.  My lunch date in the northern beaches was pretty spectacular.  We went to a great little cafe off a surf lifesaving club in the Mona Vale area.

After a big breakfast disguised as lunch (or was it lunch disguised as breakfast?) I cruised back to the city and spotted a homemakers Supa Centre where I figured they'd have their air con set to max.  So I wandered in to get some inspiration for sprucing up my lounge room.

To be honest I wasn't overly inspired.

But I was cool.

Once I'd finished my window shopping I headed back across the bridge just in time to collect my girl who'd been waiting on a corner for the last half hour.  Whoops.

We proceeded to spend two hours stuck in barely moving traffic as we crawled from the city to the outskirts to start the three hour drive back to Canberra.

By the time we got to Campbelltown I was completely 100% over the whole driving in air conditioned comfort caper. It seems you've got to be careful what you wish for.

Hope you managed to keep your cool today! 


  1. We are copping the heat in Bris Vegas today - thank god for air con!

  2. Tell me about Friday's heat, Leanne.

    Glad you got home safely after all of that.

    SSG xxx


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