Monday, December 7, 2015

Day 2244 - Does double dipping spread germs?

Ever been to a party and watched someone double dip?

To be honest I never thought about the social implications of double dipping until I saw this Seinfeld episode many many years ago.

When we're at home with the family I admit it - I double dip.  I mean, unless you can fit an entire cracker in your mouth there is no way you can get maximum dip coverage unless you do go in for a second round.

But thanks to this Seinfeld episode, if we're in public I won't dunk for a second time on the one chip or biscuit because of the social awkwardness of it all.

Nor will I divulge in dip previously visited by a double dipper.

I was reading Good Health Magazine November 2015 and they actually did an article on how legit "old wive's tales" might be.

One health myth they touched on was "does double dipping spread germs?"

Alas, for all those people who dip after a double dipper, it seems it does.

Apparently if we use a cracker to scoop up dip that someone else has double dipped in, we might end up  consuming up to 100 foreign saliva bacteria.  They say that using the same cracker more than once deposits up to 10,000 bacteria from the double-dipper's mouth into the food, which is not good news if the dipper is carrying the cold or flu virus.

The good news is that if we stick to thicker dips, there is less chance of exposure.  Runny dips like salsa are the worst as germs can drip back into the jar on the second dipping.  However dips like hummus contain lower levels of bacteria because they stay on the cracker more efficiently so the germs have less chance of falling into the tub.

Isn't that interesting?

Where do you stand on the whole "double dipping" debate?

Do you double dip?

PS. Clearly I've got a case of bloggers-block because seriously, who writes about double dipping?


  1. Double dipping amongst immediate family is fine - I mean heck, we already share enough germs!

  2. Leanne, tell me you're lying. You don't double dip, do you? That's a big no no in my books ;) What you need to do is scoop up a big lot of dip then break your cracker in half and divide the dip you've scooped up onto each half. Easy. Try it, you'll like it ;)

  3. Bahahaha that is gross. I am like you double and even triple dip at home - but out may stay away from the double... #IBOT team

  4. Double dipping is fine at home only and with immediate family. Or my bestie, when we lunch on olive tapenade dip and cheese. But that's it. I have standards! :)

  5. Urgh. Ok so I'm never eating dip at a party or bbq again! I've been trying to teach my 3yo not to double dip. It's a challenge!

  6. Nope,never double dip - but I snap te cracker in half so I can have 2 dips on the 1 cracker...but I guess that means germie finger germs going in??

  7. After reading this I'm thinking of banning dip from our Christmas party now! Ewww!

  8. I double dip to my heart's content at home! Have you seen the Mythbusters episode where they test this? There's just as much bacteria in the dip to begin with as double dipping causes.

  9. I dish up dip into seperate containers even at home. :-)

  10. No double dipping here if it is a shared dip.

  11. No double dipping here. I also serve dip in separate containers for my kids. But good to know that germs are spread through double dipping - it's definitely best to be avoided.


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