Friday, December 11, 2015

Day 2248 - Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

Looking for unique gift ideas? 

We have a few groups of people we like to give to at Christmas.  The kids teachers of course, as well as the front office ladies. Especially this year given this is the last year for both my kids at their current schools. 

Of course the teachers often get chocolates (and I hear that some teachers actually look forward to that) but this year I decided to take the chocolate gift up a notch by including a motivational picture frame.  

A motivational frame is the gift that keeps on giving.  It's something they can put on their desk or on a shelf in the classroom to help inspire the kids. 

For the front office staff I've done ready made "let's have a party now" hampers with a bottle of wine or bubbly, bikkies, dip, chocolates and disposable wine glasses.   As well as a motivational frame to help spruce up the reception area. 

For the crew at our local Australia Post business hub I've done a big arse tray of chocolates with wine and disposable glasses.

The best time to give these gifts is of a Friday afternoon and they're best served chilled! That way these teams can have an impromptu Christmas cheers on us.  

Do you give gifts to your teachers?

What about the front office ladies?

What unique gift ideas have you found this year?


  1. As a lapsed teacher, I love the idea of the motivational frame - what a great idea! I always used to get buried under a lorry load of chocolate (but there's no such thing as too much, right?!) and of course, wine is always appreciated! No teachers to buy gifts for but I always like to remember my doctors and their front office staff too! I usually bake my own and this year it's a Sticky Date Cookies and Fudge combo! All the delicious! x

  2. We have a few groups of people we like to give at Christmas. Especially in the year that this was given to me last year for my two children in their current schools. She had amazing gifts ideas. So the coaches always agreed but this year I decided to make a chocolate gift special with a encourage frame image.


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