Thursday, December 17, 2015

Day 2254 - Central Park NYC

You can spend a day getting back to nature in NYC

Central Park is a recreational wonderland inside the city of NYC.  Once you step inside you feel like you are in rural USA.  Sure, you can see the Manhattan skyline but you feel so far removed that the air even feels fresher and lighter.

Today we got back to nature within this big city.

We started with a horse and carriage ride which was a little "controversial".  The City has made an agreement with PETA to phase out the horses as they believe there is animal cruelty involved.

I agreed to do it only after I met the horse and decided whether he was happy or not. Yeah, he was a little subdued but he got a heap of love from us which made me feel better.

Anyway, it was a bucket list item so we did it knowing that the horse and carriage options may not be available next trip.

From there we hired our bikes from 892 9th Avenue (which was actually part of our Go New York City bus tour ticket).  We did upgrade to a two hour pass knowing we'd spend an hour ice skating.

It was a lovely bike ride through the one way roads in Central Park.  Squirrels were a family highlight.

We arrived at the Central Park ice-skating rink just in time to see a number of groups of school kids arrive.  Oops! Very crowded.

The good news is we survived even if we did get sore feet in the process.  The Central Park ice-skating isn't cheap - it cost us around $55 USD for two adults and one child with skate hire for an hour.  But hey, it's one of those "once in a lifetime" experiences.

From there we finished our bike ride and returned the bikes picking up some take-away lunch along the way.

Lunch was spent hanging out in the winter sun on the rocks within Central Park.

From there we headed back to the hotel to get spruced up for the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular 5.00pm show (via the Rockefeller Center for some Christmas Cheer and Zara for Master Darby who needed a Beckham-esque coat in time for the theatre).

If you are ever in NYC in the lead up to Christmas the Rockettes show is a MUST! More on that later.

Enjoy the pics!


  1. I had my horse and carriage ride in New York city several years ago. It wasn't through Central Park but it was fun. I walked through Central Park in the summer and had a great time.

  2. Two bucket list items in one trip! Awesome! I would love to see the Rockettes, I can't wait for your article about the show! Thanks for linking in to #wkendtravelinspiration!

  3. Central Park is great. We were there in Spring when it was super green, so it's nice to see it in a different season.


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