Sunday, December 20, 2015

Day 2257 - The Christmas Tree

Today we cut down a real Christmas tree!

We're now in Pennsylvania with my Bestie!

This is where we become American and live the American life in an American house with an American family.  I love the adventures and the exploring when we're in the tourist spots, but I love the love, warmth and friendship of being in "the real world".

Since we've been here we've done grocery shopping, been to an ice hockey game and had a home cooked meal.

We've also cut down our first real Christmas tree.

Today a bunch of us headed out to the Christmas Tree farm so that we could choose our tree.  It started with a hay ride to get us to the Christmas Tree section of the farm.  We then walked the rows until we found the perfect tree and then the four of us took turns cutting it down.

Once we had it the model daughter dragged it back through the rows of trees to where the farmers shook the tree (to get out the bugs, spiders and dead bits) and then they put it through a machine that "strings the tree" (pulls the branches together and ties it all up ready to transport home).

Of course the next step was getting it onto the roof of the car.  We left that to the professionals (aka those who have done it before).

Once we got it home it was time to decorate!

And let's not forget to water it! Gotta keep it going for as long as we can.

Our first REAL Christmas tree.  Thanks USA!

Cutting down the tree
Dragging back up the rows to the farmers

Hay ride (photo bombed by the driver)

Getting it home

Decorating the tree

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  1. Hey! Hope you're having a great time over Christmas. The tree looks awesome, well done. I only have ever had a pretend tree, but would love the smell of fresh pine filling the house.


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