Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day 2273 - California Adventure Park

Did someone say "Adventure Park"? I'm in! 

Ever since my big Disney trip in 2012 I've been itching to bring the family back to California Adventure Park to see Cars Land.

We hoped that given it was a Monday and given the USA Christmas holiday period was officially over that we'd get fewer crowds (and therefore shorter wait times).  We got to the park just before opening time and headed straight for Cars Land.

We joined the other 100+ people waiting behind the "we're not open yet" rope so that the moment the official announcement was made we could high tail it to be at the front of the queue for the Radiator Springs Racers.

Our efforts were not in vain as we walked straight onto the ride with only about ten minutes of wait time.

Of course the kids loved it.  What they loved more than anything was how lifelike Cars Land actually is. They really felt as though they'd just stepped into the movie.

For more on Cars Land you can check out this post I did in 2012.  Note:  Luigi's Flying Tyre ride has disappeared from the list of attractions. Apparently it didn't review well and is being replaced by an all new Cars Land ride to be opened soon.

The next "big ride" I took them to was the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.  Again we were early enough that we walked straight through the front doors and into the ride in under fifteen minutes.  is is the ride where you walk through a big old haunted hotel and then get in an elevator where the "cable breaks" and leaves you "free falling to your death" before the cable re-engages and bounces you back up and down and up and down until the ride eventually deposits you safely at the bottom floor.

The kids LOVED IT!  Each time you get on the ride you won't necessarily get the same drop sequence.  The attraction's computer system chooses each sequence at random making each ride as scary and shocking as if it's the first time. For more interesting facts about this ride you can check out the Disney blog post here.

The third big ride we just had to do was the California Screamin' roller coaster ride.  I swear this is still my favourite roller coaster in the whole world.  It's also one of the longest.  The entire family gets a kick out of this one.

In between each of these rides we did the rest of the park including Olaf's Snow Fest, Monsters Inc, It's Tough to be a Bug, Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, Toy Story Midway Mania, Mickey's Fun Wheel, The Little Mermaid, Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, Grizzly River Run and more.

We ate lunch at the Cove Bar overlooking Paradise Pier where we shared a table full of appetizers and drank lots of Coke to ensure we all made it through the afternoon.

Once we were confident in the knowledge that we'd done all the rides we were interested in, we lined up to do Radiator Springs Racers, The Tower of Terror and California Screamin' again.

The second showing reminded us that Disney attracts huge crowds because there was no "just walk up and get on" the second time around.  It seems the rest of LA were having a sleep in and they all came out at lunch time. We were in line for 90 minutes for the Cars ride.  The other ride that had us waiting for over an hour was Toy Story and Goofy's Sky School.  We ditched Goofy in the end because it was really just another version of "the wild mouse" which we could get back in Australia.

As it got dark we lined up along the streets of California Adventure Park for the Pixar parade which starts at 5.45pm.  (Note: California Adventure Park is very much about the Pixar side of the Disney business.)

After singing and dancing with Toy Story, the Incredibles, Nemo, Cars, a Bug's Life and Monsters Inc, we headed to the Mad T Party for a cocktail and to rock out with the Mad T Party band.

From there we left the land of Adventure for a feed at Downtown Disney at our favourite Rainforest Cafe.  There was a wait so we cruised Build-a-Bear, Ridemakerz, Lego and the Disney art gallery.

We crawled into bed at around 9.00pm thoroughly exhausted and satisfied.

We're ready to do it all again at Disneyland today!

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