Thursday, January 7, 2016

Day 2275 - Saddle Ranch Hollywood

Giddy Yup!

After a long wet day in LA we were starting to feel a little homesick and desperate to start our homeward journey.

It was with mixed emotions that we left Anaheim and headed for Hollywood. Disney can do that to ya.

We took a limo/"town car" to Hollywood for $110 (it would have been anywhere from $80 - $120 in a taxi) and checked into our boutique hotel on Sunset Boulevard.

Can I just say right now that I think "boutique hotel" is code for extremely limited space at high prices.  I'm not complaining ... it's lovely and posh and all ... but it's costing us as much for one night as it did for three nights in Anaheim and there is limited space for cat swinging.

The Grafton Hotel on Sunset Boulevard 

Forget the costs. Onward and upward!

After perusing the tour guides for all things Beverley Hills, Bel Air and Hollywood we decided that it was all a bit pricey for a family of four.  So we had a chat to the concierge and wondered if perhaps there might be a chauffeur hanging around looking to fill in time for half the cost.  This option would also allow us more control over where we go and how long we stay etc.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air mansion (rain and all)
Bingo!  For $50 an hour we got a star-quality SUV with driver to show us around all the stars houses and take us to find some lunch for half the cost of a Star Line bus tour.  It was personal, friendly and targeted.  It even had star DNA on the seats as the driver was very in tune with transporting the stars of Tinsel Town.

We got to see Taylor Swift's new digs. Nicole and Keith's front gate, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air mansion, the Beverley Hill Billies house, Nicolas Cage's house, the Hilton's manor and so much more.

Once we said goodbye to our driver we got to visit a local modelling agency to get a feel for life in the modelling fast lane and, once the rain stopped, we managed a short walk to a local cowboy restaurant which had us all signing "yip ya hoo" and "giddy up"!

The Saddle Ranch Chop House is a pretty cool bull riding bar.  For around $15 USD for an appetizer and $20 for a meal it's quite affordable. Get there before 6.30pm and you'll get your drink at half the price.  $10 got us a beer and a "long island iced tea". Can't complain about that!

There was also a house band that sang from table to table and we were delighted to be serenaded with "I come from the land down under" and U2's "Streets with no name".

The icing on the cake was when our personal waitress agreed to ride the mechanical bull for us.  No one had ridden it all night, and as we left she decided to go for a ride for her "brand new Australian family".  Bonus!

All in all it was a great day.

The good news is there is a clear day forecast for tomorrow.

The even better news is we head home tomorrow night and we feel we are ready to return to the land of Oz.

See you when we're back in the future! 

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  1. Not the best time to visit the USA with our Aussie dollar as I discovered a few months ago too! You just have to stop converting and try to enjoy it! We managed to stay out of town in LA and save a bit, or so I thought, until the tax was added on after I thought I knew the total bill, so much for an out of town bargain! The ranch looks like a lot of fun :)


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