Saturday, January 9, 2016

Day 2277 - Back in Australia

When going home is the longest journey of all ...

After spending a full day in LA which included a long walk to Hollywood Boulevard,  marveling at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, spending time getting up close and personal with celebs at Madam Tussaud's, a drive to the Griffith Observatory to view the Hollywood sign and window shopping at Rodeo Drive, it was time to head to the airport for our late night flight back to Australia.

We managed to stay awake for long enough to get on board and then everyone but me went into a land of slumber.

It wasn't the easiest flight home. We hit turbulence for extended stretches due to a tornado and, quite unrelated, the husband spend a portion of the flight physically sick which was a bit scary for all concerned.  But all in all it wasn't too bad ...

... until we arrived in Sydney and missed yet another connecting flight.

Can you believe it?  Our bags were the last ones to arrive at baggage claim and even though we ran to the transfer lounge the moment we got our final suitcase and begged and pleaded for them to hold the flight until we could get across to the domestic terminal, they wouldn't budge.  Something about flight closed ... security ... blah blah blah ...

It was a bit of a bummer.  But what can you do?

Spending another four hours sitting on our arses twiddling our thumbs made us a little cranky, but all was resolved the moment we finally touched down in Canberra to find Nanny and Pop waiting for us.

Right now we are unpacking and I am sorting washing.

Tahlia has already dolled herself up for her friend's sweet 16 birthday party.

I have been to do groceries to get us through the next 12 hours.

Darby is getting himself reacquainted with home.

The hubster is going through the mail and paying bills.

I am hoping we might actually be able to stay awake until 8.00!

Coming home is definitely the longest journey of all.

But isn't it lovely when you finally walk through that front door. 

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  1. I agree that the journey home is often the longest and the most taxing. However, it is also the one we always look forward to regardless of how enjoyable the entire trip had been because there is no place like home! This is true even with the truckload of laundry we have to settle upon touchdown. Don’t we all wish we could just dump all of that into a storage pod for another day?


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