Sunday, January 10, 2016

Day 2278 - Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum, Hollywood Boulevard

Get up close and personal with the stars.

I have never been to a Madam Tussaud's but I have always been curious.  So as we wandered along Hollywood Boulevard looking at the Walk of Fame, it seemed fitting to to have some photos taken with some of the celebs.

It never occurred to me that they would look quite so life like.

I mean, I knew they would look pretty good ... but when you look into the eyes of these wax figures, it feels like you can see into their soul.

When we first entered we actually felt a little uncomfortable.  It was like we were intruding in their personal space.

Walking up to the figures was also a little daunting.  It was hard to tell where other visitors stopped and the celebrity figurines began.

Some were a better match than others of course.  I didn't "feel it" with a few of them. But I can say that as I stood staring into Lady Ga Ga's eyes I felt as though I'd made a spiritual connection.

Wayyyy too realistic.

Something that did surprise me is how small many of the stars are.  Apparently the figures are true to life in all their dimensions.  Super stars are small!

Anyway, it was great fun for the entire family.  All four of us got a real kick out of it and loads of pictures.

I can't speak for all the Madam Tussaud's around the world, but I can say that the one in Hollywood is well worth a visit.

A family of four adults and one child cost us $108 USD and it took us about an hour to get through the museum and take photos (including a 15 minute 4D movie at the end).

You can find Madam Tussaud's right next door to the Chinese Theater.

I am so happy to have hung out with Will. Even if he didn't say much ...

What star would you most like to see?


  1. Oh fun! I am not surprised they're all small (the stars). They all seem to diet themselves silly don't they! Funny that you can see into the soul of a wax figure - that must be a real spin-out!! Lol!

    1. It was very weird. I felt like I was in "night at the museum" and that when we're not there they must "wake up" and start walking around the place.

  2. We walked past Hollywood's Madame Tussaud's on our trip there last April but we never checked it out. We do want to head back to LA in the future so I will definitely put it on the list for our next trip there, whenever that may be!

    1. I've walked past so many of them and never felt the need to spend the money. Being in Hollywood it just felt fitting I guess. Glad we did it!

  3. The one in Sydney was great as well- the artists do AMAZING work!

  4. Love this - reminded me of our visit to Madame Tussaud's in London last year. We too were amazed at just how life like some of them were!


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