Thursday, January 14, 2016

Day 2282 - Nivea Body Firming Lotion

Nivea gives us this week's product to help us look and feel less deep fried.

As we get older we get squidgy around the edges.  Things that used to stand up start to droop and parts of us that used to be firm take on a mysterious pillow-like quality. It's one of life's little jokes.

My skin, particularly on my thighs, has had me baffled for around a year now. I'm starting to look like a melting candle.

I have to be honest. I'm not very good at moisturising year round.  Sure I lather up when my legs are looking dry, but it's purely asthetic.  I haven't given a lot of thought to the overall moisturisation of my body and the need to keep my skin firm.

I'm regretting that now!

When I went shopping for body lotion before Christmas I was delighted to see that Nivea has a "firming" lotion which claims to firm the skin within 2 weeks.  Perhaps I could put a halt to the ol' wax melting scenario?

I bought it with all good intentions, but then we went to the USA and with limited packing space I left my lotion behind.  I haven't even started using it yet.

So I was even more delighted when I returned from the US to a package from my PR peeps which not only contained another bottle of body firming lotion, but also included it's sister lotion, the "rich firming" lotion.

The Nivea Body Lotion Q10 Plus was recently voted the "best body treatment" in Beauty Heaven's Best in Beauty awards for 2015.

It has been created to give women noticeably firmer and more nourished skin within two weeks so that we feel smoother and more supple.

It's been developed with CoEnzyme Q10 which is a natural skin component that works to help with firmness.  The Q10 levels decrease with age so Nivea have created this formula to help revive and strengthen our skin's ability to remain toned and supple.

Creatine and L'Caratine have also been added to help energise skin cells, resulting in firmer looking skin.

The rich firming lotion in the dark blue bottle does all the same things as far as I can see.  In fact I can't work out what the differences are, other than perhaps that the "rich" one works better for people who starting with really dry skin.

Anyway, we're back in Australia now and heading to the coast today. I'm going to take my Q10 body firming lotion with me and WILL apply in every day morning and night for two weeks to see if I can manage to make myself a little less squidgy around the edges.

I'll let you know how I go!

The user reviews I've read so far sound promising. Although some suggest the Nivea range pales in comparison to formulas from other brands like Olay. One review site from the US suggested that the alcohol content in the Nivea cream is probably a little too high and is likely to play more of a cosmetic role by making the skin feel tighter as it dries rather than actually helping the skin to become firmer.

I'm not a scientist, nor a beauty product expert, but I will give this stuff a go for a few weeks and we'll see if this piece of deep fried fruit can start to feel a little more like nice ripe fruit before the end of summer.

You can buy the Nivea Q10 body firming lotion (or the body firming rich lotion) from your local supermarket or Priceline store for around $10 a bottle.  It's slightly cheaper at Chemist Warehouse.


  1. I was gifted the firming lotion by my mother for a birthday. These days there is a lot to firm, so I'm not entirely sure if it will work.

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