Saturday, January 16, 2016

Day 2284 - Surf Beach NSW

A walk above the beach ...

The view from above as we walk the cliff top walk from Surf Beach to Denham's Beach

We have a little holiday cottage at Surf Beach NSW that we share with my parents.

We rent it out on the holiday rental market, but when the timing is right we like to use it ourselves.

The thing I love about the NSW South Coast is that the beaches share the same space as the Aussie bush.  Gum trees line the beach either down by the sand or up along the clifftops above.

This morning we talk a wander around our local beach to check out the beach next door.

The obvious beach walk is to stick to the sand and make your way around the rocks to hop from beach to beach.

The not so obvious beach walk is to tackle the task from above.

There are paths along the cliff tops but no fences so walk with care and keep close to your kids

This walk gives you the best of both worlds - bush and beach. The views from above are spell binding (especially in the morning light) and you might even get to meet a few of the natives.

The walk we did this morning started up behind the take-away food shop at Surf Beach and wound up and around to the left to Denham's Beach.  We then walked back via the sand and rocks to Surf Beach.

The entire walk from our coastal cottage and back only took around half an hour.

There's plenty of these family friendly treks around the NSW South Coast.  

Sometimes you've just got to look up! 

If you're interested in a cheap family friendly get-away to the coast let me know! You can find our cottage on Facebook.

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  1. This really makes me want to take a weekend off to just go and be one with nature. I'm sure my storage facility can do without me just for one or two weekends…. Haha!


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