Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day 2285 - Markets at Corrigan's Beach

Do markets ever get boring?

Wandering through the markets at Corrigan's Beach - people checking out the pre-loved clothes for $5 and $10 a piece.
Actually, markets can get boring if you do the same ones over and over and nothing changes. But visiting a new set of markets is always fun and when you do it on a magical blue sky day it doubles the fun factor.

We took an early morning Sunday stroll around the markets at Corrigan's beach today (Batehaven, NSW).

There weren't a huge number of stall holders but it was enough to keep us occupied for 45 minutes or so.

At Corrigan's you'll find a mixture of pre-loved wares, as well as home-made items, arts, crafts and some new bits and pieces.  There is also a jumping castle for the kids and it's set up right next to a very cool playground.  Food and drinks are also available to ensure everyone remains fueled.

Jewellery made from silver cutlery, hand-made soaps, gadgets made from horse shoes and chillies. 

We came home with two rings for me and a bunch of old records that Derek plans to resell on EBay.

Sound tracks from some much loved musicals bought for $1 each.

A ring made from the decorative end of a silver spoon for $20 and a flower ring for $5

The Corrigan's Beach markets are on the third Sunday of every month and according to a local website they're also open on the first Sunday of each month. You'll find them opposite the shops on Beach Road at Batehaven.


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