Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day 2287 - Losing creativity

I'm a bit concerned my creativity might be dead.

Contemplating my naval from the shade of my beach umbrella.
Where oh where has my creativity gone?

My blog posts are factual and without much mind matter involved.

My instagram and Facebook posts are uninspired.

My websites remain stagnant.

My novelette remains unfinished.

I've done the usual things like buy new notebooks and pencils.

I've made sure I have had plenty of relaxation, sleep and exercise.

In all this school holiday madness I've tried to find a quiet secluded space.

But none of it is working.

I'm starting to panic because you will recall I set about writing a novelette in December as a spin off of my Cheer Chick Charlie series.  It's something I'm creating for marketing purposes and to reward my fan club members.

I managed to write the first four chapters very quickly in a dodgy hotel room without a window.  You can read about that here. Actually, that's a lie, It didn't happen quickly at all.  I sat looking at a blank screen for two days until the creativity kicked in.

Perhaps that's the key.  I need to sit in contemplation for a little longer.

Maybe the creativity is not dead at all. It's just lying dormant.

I'm sure there's a cool metaphor for life in there somewhere.

Yet I'm just not feeling creative enough to find it.


  1. Hi Leanne
    Just dropping by to say that I value your openness in sharing so many facets of your life through this blog - you as a person, you as a mum, you as a businesswoman, you as a wife and you as a writer.

    So for me, I'm happy that you simply write here about whatever, whenever!

    SSG xxx

    1. Hi SSG! So lovely to see you. Thanks so much for your kind words. That has definitely helped me to get some perspective back!

  2. Maybe you are doing too much? Blogging every day for years!!
    Just give yourself some time, your mojo will come back when you least expect it :)

    1. You're right of course. 2200+ daily posts does suck you a bit dry. Inspo is back again though. Phew! I think I was just being lazy and a little too "coastal". Getting into that surfer "Aloha" type vibe. LOL.


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