Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 2291 - Kick start your inspiration fitness

Remember how I lost my mojo?

And remember how I bought all new stationery and cleaned up my desk to help the mojo return?

Well all this was a way to kick start my "inspiration fitness".

Just like walking around the block or doing 10 sit ups can trigger motivation and belief in physical fitness, so does creating an inspiring work space to trigger inspiration and belief in the fitness of your imagination.

Just like anything the imagination, inspiration and mojo is a "muscle" that has to be trained.  Use it, or lose it!

Here are six ways I kick start my inspiration:

1. Create your space

Create an inspiring space in which to work which might include tidying your desk, hanging inspirational quotes and buying new stationery.

2.  A Book of Ideas

Have a "big book of ideas" or a "book of good stuff" where you can jot down all your ideas on separate pages in big thought clouds.  Remember: No idea is a bad idea.  Don't question them, just write them down and although they may not seem applicable to you today, they might be important down the track.

3.  Read

Read. Read. Read.  Read inspiring stories, read motivational quotes, read magazines and read blog posts.  Read about what others are doing to awaken the inspiration within yourself.

4.  Get Outside

Go for a walk, skip along a path, roll down a hill, ride a bike with your legs out wide like a child.  Get fresh air and clean the mind to create an imaginative brain space.

5.  Write in Colour

Whether it be crayons, coloured pencils, textas or paint.  Colour helps to find a more child like state. Do your brainstorming in colour to awaken many areas of the brain where some of the best inspiration might be hidden.

6.  Have a Cuppa

Grab a like-minded friend and shoot the breeze together to share thoughts, brainstorm, inspire and energise each other.

Whether it be in business, writing, work or play, our imagination is important to help inspire, create and have fun.

Give your inspiration fitness a kick start today! 

How do you exercise your imagination and inspiration muscles?


  1. That's interesting the get outside - a lot of my ideas come when I'm walking about...and then I don't write them down and forget them...or race home to try and do something with them...

  2. I really love the idea of imagination being a muscle! Mine is definitely feeling out of shape right now... I'm off to do some brainstorming with my preschooler's coloured textas.

  3. If I get outside for just a little bit, I actually feel so much better

  4. I like to go outside too. Often a walk will stimulate my creativity - or even sitting in our outdoor area can do it ... just changing the environment.

  5. They're great ideas Leanne! I like to do some draft posts - even just a heading - when I am in inspiration mode so that when I am not, it can help stimulate something in the writing I want to do. Getting outside is always a win for me..away and in the fresh air is a great help. Cheers, Denyse

  6. I love the idea to write in colours!

  7. These are awesome tips! I find sometimes when I want to write but don't really know what to write, a good brain dump helps. Sometimes I get good ideas for blog posts, sometimes not but it does feel good to just write.

  8. When I'm inspired, nothing really stops me. I don't have a work space, so I just do it wherever. In some ways that's a good thing, as there is no distraction.
    I do get a lot of inspiration while cooking, funnily enough. I think the kitchen is just such a mundane place, and often I have music playing, so it's an easy place to let my mind wander in.

  9. I feel like I'm losing my mojo lately. I just can't seem to write, or when I do I get half way through writing a post and lose my motivation/interest in writing it. I'm slowly cleaning up the spare bedroom and converting it into an office with the hopes that might bring the inspiration back. I'm just ignoring the fact that having a 2yr old who doesn't sleep means I might never actually get to work in there, but let's just pretend I will! #teamIBOT

  10. Great list, I feel more inspired just reading these tips! The ones I love the most are using a page per idea to make thought clouds out of your brainstorming and writing in colour. Now I have a hundred little ideas scribbled into any available space of my diary, it's very uninspiring indeed. I never really even review my ideas there because they're too cluttered and difficult to read.

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