Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Day 2294 - Australia Day

What did you get up to this Australia Day?

Singlet from The Reject Shop, cup from Big W and the Australia flat cap from another discount shop.
Ours was a combination of hanging out with great friends beside a pool, the mandatory Aussie Day  BBQ, wearing our red, white and blue clothes, sipping refreshing drinks and generally celebrating our Aussie-dom doing something very summery!

Gorgeous poolside cabana at a friend's house.  Bliss!
Steak and salads with not-so-fancy plastic wear. Essential.
My clothing all red and white with navy tote to finalise the Aussie Flag effect. Optional.

It was a great way to spend our day.

We almost had an Australian Day disaster though! We had no Vegemite in the house for our Australia Day breakfast.  Travesty!

Crisis averted with a quick trip to the supermarket.


That was our Australia Day. How was yours?

Was there Vegemite?


Do you get dressed in Aussie colours?

Perhaps you go completely decked out in Aussie merchandise?

Let me know how you roll on Australia Day. 


  1. I'm not a big fan of Vegemite although my kids eat it.

    Our Australia Day was spent down at Darling Harbour watching the festivities including listening to Sneaky Sound System and then of course watching the amazing fireworks!

  2. We went camping on the beach and had a fab time! Hope you are now stocked up on vegemite!

  3. We met up with friends for the free Australia Day breakfast in Commonwealth Park here in Canberra. It was heaps of fun! While we still had vegemite in the house, we had to make a quick trip to the shops as I felt we couldn't end the day without Milo milkshakes and after I'd made the declaration, came to find out we had none in the house. D'oh!

  4. We had a roast lamb for dinner and lamingtons for afternoon tea :-)

  5. We had a good ol' bacon and egg burger from the Lions Club at the park whilst listening to some (bad) renditions of good ol' Aussie classic, like I am Australian! My nephews loved the little petty zoo which freaked them out last October when we saw it last! And we finished the day with lamb chops! Pretty Aussie I'd say!

  6. I went for a 25km training walk, around the opera house and across the harbour bridge twice, always special! Rounded up the day with lamb sausages for dinner.

  7. I certainly had an interesting day. It will be hard to beat in future years.

  8. You roll like a boss.
    There was a linky fail because Blogpress on my phone deleted it. Thanks for letting me know.
    Can you believe we had no vegiemite , no lamb and no made in China Aussie gear on - we had fun though at a tourist farm and then Wet n Wild.

  9. PS Thank you so much for your kind donation to my Cupid's Undie Run .

  10. We had a barbie at the beach, and I did take some Vegemite sangas for the kids! Such a great relaxing day.


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