Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 2300 - Good Heart Health

How about come beetroot and green salad today?

According to Prevention Magazine Australia, February/March 2016 (page 23) studies suggest beetroot and leafy green vegetables are good for the heart.

Apparently it's due to their high nitrate content which is thought to be of benefit on blood flow to the heart.

Nutritionist Caitlin Reid explains that nitrate is converted to nitric oxide in the stomach which helps regulate the flow of blood.  She says it's also thought to inhibit inflammatory cells and blood clotting which reduces the risk of plaque in the arteries.

They're not sure yet just how much beetroot salad you need to eat to get the heart health benefits, but they do know that it won't do the ticker any harm!

Beetroot and green salad for lunch tomorrow perhaps?  

Personally, I love it.  So I'll keep this little tip handy in my quest to age positively. 


  1. I make a mean beetroot, spinach and fetta salad so tasty and even better now I know how good it is for me!


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