Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Day 2302 - Bush walking in Canberra

It's time to head off the beaten track ...

Canberra is known as "the bush capital".  That's because we're surrounded by paddocks and bush land.  At least we were, but with all the new 'burbs popping up the farmland around our great city is becoming less and less with every passing day. That's progress for ya. 

We do however still have a bunch of great nature reserves which allow us to go bush walking right in our own backyard.

We've also got some great hills to climb and even mountains to explore.  

If you're on the north side you can take a wander up Mount Ainslie or Mount Majura and get a great view of our Nation's Capital and many of its key landmarks. 

If you're on the south side you can go for a meander up Mount Taylor to look out over the Woden and Tuggeranong Valleys.

I hear that Red Hill is also a great little beast right in the middle of Canberra with a bunch of stairs to help you work up a sweat.  I haven't done it myself but I hear the bird life is AMAZE! 

Speaking of being in the middle of Canberra, of course there's also Black Mountain

If you're serious about your mountain walks you can also head off to the Brindabella mountains if you'd like a big excursion which would need to include a bunch of safety gear, a compass and your wits about you.  

For me, I'm just happy with the little hills and bush tracks around my slice of suburbia. 

The teen and I stumbled across a little wooded wonderland on Sunday. As we embarked on our normal lake walk around Gungahlin Pond we started chatting about the grass and trees off to our left. We could see the top of a hill and we could also see a track where people obviously ventured off the bike paths and into the woods.

Our normal walk includes saying hi to some of the locals - and the occasional visitor. Hello Percy Pelican!
Instead of hanging out with the ducks and playing it safe walking along the bike paths, we headed off the beaten track ...

A walk around Gungahlin Pond Park - photo stolen from the teen's Instagram
Now this is not a difficult walk by any means, but it was fun! Gungahlin Pond Park has a combination of gentle hilly paddocks and bush tracks through patches of gum trees.  You can wander up and down the hill(s) as much as you like and once you reach the top you get a view of Gold Creek, Nicholls,  Crace and Belconnen.  Ginninderra Creek meanders below.

The view from above of the suburb of Crace and Ginninderra Creek running below.
It's a great little adventure and is literally a ten minute walk from my front door.  

Why have we never done this before?

Because we've never bothered to wander off the beaten track, that's why.

Do you have bush walks around you?

When  was the last time you wandered off the beaten track?

This is another post in my Showcasing Canberra series. 


  1. Lovely photos Leanne. I walk off the beaten tracks most days - at home. I could get lots in here if I left the track :). No where near as pretty as your walk.
    I featured a lovely bush walk we did a few weeks ago that was in a National Park about an hour or so away- so many of my local friends didn't know it existed and neither did I (till 2wk before).

  2. Lovely photos. we go out of the city as often as possible.

  3. It's great to make new discoveries in your own back yard isn't it!

  4. Love your locals, could get a bit noisy though..

  5. I just love pelicans. So clumsy looking, yet graceful at the same time. We have a nature reserve that we like to go for walks through, bit worried about snakes this time of year though. we love getting out into the national park too. Nothing like a ramble through the sand hills and along the beaches.

  6. Why does it take us so long to discover stuff in our local area? I cannot get over the growth I saw in one of those pics. I used to be pretty regular visitor to Canberra but now we are even further away Im not sure when I will be back. I liked walking along the lake and nearby close to dusk when I was there one summer. Lovely place!


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