Thursday, February 4, 2016

Day 2303 - IKEA Knives

This little fella is sharp!

IKEA Paring Knife - $1.99 AUD
Last week as I wandered through IKEA I came across this little paring knife.  It was only $1.99 so I figured I'd just try it to see if their kitchen knives were worth coming back for.


I can't believe how effective this knife is.

It could well be that as a non-chef, non-foodie, knives have never been a high priority in my kitchen so I may not actually know what to look for in a knife.  I know my husband gets frustrated with the in-effective tools currently sitting in the knife block.  (My argument is that they were a wedding present and we should be damn grateful for them instead of whining about them.)

But now that I've seen what this little gem can do, I think I might ditch the 18  year old wedding gift and be done with gratitude and get a new set from IKEA.

I spent some quality time with my new knife this morning

Getting the school lunches ready, chopping up salads and cutting up fruit has never been so easy for me. I'm serious!

I may have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, but next time you're in IKEA take two bucks with ya and give it a whirl.

(You may of course turn around and tell me in your best Mick Dundee voice "that's not a knife ..." because you've already got a big ol' fancy set ... but if you are a kitchen peasant like me then this might just be the new utensil for you.)

Do you think Crocodile Dundee got his knife from IKEA?

Completely random fact: I thought a paring knife was actually a pearing knife named because of its ability to cut up pears. When if fact "pare" is another word for "peel" and is derived from the French word "parer" which means to arrange, prepare and trim; or from the Latin word "parare" which means to make ready.

Another completely random fact: As a teen my husband thought guerrilla warfare was a bunch of fighting monkeys.

Have you used the IKEA knives?

Do you have a fancy set of high performance knives at your joint?

What random "how-something-got-its-name" or "I-completely-got-that-wrong" facts can you share?


  1. We have two knife blocks- the result of merging two households. Neither is the million dollar kind but they go alright! $2 is a bargain!

  2. Ikea has awesome stuff - we like to make fun of it, and it's a total joyvacuum but you really can't go wrong with their products!!

  3. I desperately need new knives and coincidentally am going right past IKEA on the weekend! I'll definitely be popping in there. I'm hoping they have bigger knives too? I'm after knives for cutting up meat.

    1. They do have bigger knives. I was keen to just try the little one to see if it was any good. Turns out it's the best knife I own! I'll also be going back to get the bigger ones.

  4. Funny you're talking knives ... I sliced my finger quite badly this week. My own fault - too hungry and too hasty! Have a good weekend.

  5. We have Tupperware knives that are in need of being sharpened. I've never been a knife snob and worried about knives. As long as they cut what I want, I'm happy. Will definitely check out this knife next time I'm in IKEA.

  6. Looks great! I'm not a big knife person either but have friends who've spent HUNDREDS on them. I don't see the point... as long as they work I'm happy!

  7. I need some new knives - mine are all blunt and I don't even have the excuse of them being a wedding present. I'm just too lazy to buy new ones. Next time I'm down near an IKEA I may get one of these - thanks for the heads up!

  8. That looks amazing Leanne yet I always worry I will cut myself.. I think choosing knives is hard. You done good, lady!! Denyse

  9. I love IKEA's kitchen products! I'm going to have to test these babies out! Our knives are starting to see their final days (thank you, husband for mindlessly chucking them in the dishwasher!)


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