Friday, February 5, 2016

Day 2304 - Compliments of the Chef

When someone offers you free dessert, don't question it ... just roll with it.

Some sort of fabulous cheese cakey thing from Urban Bean Espresso Bar in Woden, ACT
So yesterday I ate cake.  It was how I paid the "rent" for taking up space in a cafe for a client session. Around 80% of my client sessions are done in coffee shops so I get around a bit. Usually it's just a cup of tea or a chai, but sometimes I'll eat (whether I'm hungry or not) because I feel I need to pay an appropriate amount of money for the space I'm taking up.

Anyway, yesterday I ate cake, which meant today I should not.

But then the lovely lady I had lunch with knew the chef so he sent us out this fabulous chocolate, peanut butter, berry creation.  Who am I to say no?

So while my mind was thinking about the calories and the balance in my week, my stomach was screaming "yes" and my heart was saying "if you insist".

Because sometimes when it comes compliments of the chef, you've just got to put sensibility aside and say "thanks".  I'm sure there's a metaphor for life in there somewhere. 

So where is this fabulous chef who sends us these compliments?

If you're in the Woden area be sure to check out Urban Bean Espresso Bar in Scarborough House.  Shane the chef is a master and their Facebook page is a continual testimonial on how fabulous his food is.

Thai chicken salad and pulled pork and pear salad.
We both had salads - she had the thai chicken salad (she made delicious sounds which I assume meant it was good) and I had the pulled pork and pear salad (cut with a pearing paring knife perhaps?) which actually had crackling in it which gives it an 11/10 in my books.  What's pork without crackling?

Have you been to Urban Bean?

Has anyone ever sent you a free dessert?

Do you like your pork with crackling or no crackling?

Happy Friday everyone! 

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