Monday, February 8, 2016

Day 2307 - Bungendore Wood Works Gallery Cafe

Do you love wood?

The Bungendore Wood Works Gallery

I am a very big appreciator of wood.  My house has wooden beams in a cathedral ceiling, we have wooden furniture, we have enormous pine trees in the back yard and our entertainment area is all wood, wood, wood.

So when we were in Bungendore on the weekend watching the buskers at the country muster I was delighted to come across the Bungendore Wood Works Gallery.

You can simply peruse the wood work and marvel at the artistry, or you can buy pieces that might complement your home.

You can also have a feed at Cafe Wood Works which has a great selection of food, coffees and tea.

Smashed avocado bruschetta and a pea, asparagus and cheese risotto. 

So next time you're driving through Bungendore, be sure to stop in for a look.  

You might find something you like and your house could be as woody as mine.

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